UFT offers different recording modes by which you can record and playback your tests. The recorded script can be further used as automated test cases after some refactoring.

Let’s discuss the Three Recording Modes in UFT

 There are three recording modes in QTP

  • Normal Recording
  • Low-Level Recording
  • Analog Recording
  • Insite Recording Mode

        1. Normal Recording-

The normal recording mode is also called Context Sensitive Mode. This is a default recording mode in UFT. This model identifies GUI object properties and stores into the object repository. The normal recording mode is not dependent on screen resolution or desktop coordinates. This recording mode only stores action performed on object/control.

2. Low-Level Recording-

Low-level recording stores mouse clicks, drag and drop, and type operations on an object. Low-level recording mode identifies the object into the Window class or the WinObject class along with their attributes and stores this information in the object repository.similar to the normal recording mode this mode stores the action performed on object/control. This mode is used to record the exact X,Y coordinates of the mouse operations. It is helpful in testing hash maps. It is useful for recording objects that are not identified by normal recording mode.

3. Analog Recording-

Analog Recording mode is used to record the exact mouse and keyboard operations on the screen or on the application window.It records at the object level and records all run-time objects as WinObject. QuickTest records all parent level objects as Window test objects and all other objects as WinObject.This mode is useful for the operations in drawing pictures, Recording signatures, drag and drop operations etc.

most commonly used recording mode in UFT is  Normal recording mode.

  1. Insight Recording Mode:

There are cases when UFT is not able to recognize objects using their defined properties; the reason could be like the developer has not assigned properties to object, or the properties assigned to object are not enough that UFT can recognize that object. In this situation, we can take help of Insight Recording mode, which records object screenshots and performs actions on that.

Please follow the steps given in the screenshot below to start recording in Insight mode:


As shown in the above screenshot please change the recording mode to Insight.

Now perform all the action normally on the application and then stop recording, please find below the code generated by UFT under Insight recording mode:


You can see in the screenshot there is an Insight Object at the place of a normal object and under that we are passing screenshot of the object on which we have to perform the action.


In the above screenshot, we have shown the OR for Insight Objects, you can notice in the screenshot that UFT has stored the screenshot of the object at the place of its properties.