Object-oriented programming (OOP) is one of the bigger programming buzzwords of recent years, and you can spend years learning all about object-oriented programming methodologies and how they can make your life easier than The Old Way of programming. It all comes down to organizing your programs in ways that echo how things are put together in the real world. Today, you’ll get an overview of object-oriented programming concepts in Java and how they relate to how you structure your own programs:

  • What classes and objects are, and how they relate to each other
  • The two main parts of a class or object: its behaviors and its attributes
  • Class inheritance and how inheritance affects the way you design your programs
  • Some information about packages and interfaces

If you’re already familiar with object-oriented programming, much of today’s lesson will be old that to you. You may want to skim it and go to a movie today instead. Tomorrow, you’ll get into more specific details.