Agile Software development works in an iterative, incremental and adaptive way, so its always a challenging job to do better and better estimation every sprint and Planning poker of the famous estimation techniques. how to do Agile Planning Poker Estimation will be explained in this post. Planning poker is a famous estimation technique used in Agile – software development.

Agile Software development gives most important to the team and gives most of the rights to take a decision “how they want to work” and complete the Sprint goal. for an instance, a team member can pick up the story or task and it should not be assigned.

in a Similar way, Estimation is also done by the team for each story and tasks. planning poker is one technique to do the estimation.

“planning poker is a consensus-based estimation technique for estimating, mostly used to estimate effort or relative size of tasks in software development” (Wikipedia).

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During task estimation, each Scrum team member will do the estimation for the task. during estimating no one will talk or try to influence the discussion of another team member. The team member has to do estimation using Poker cards, They are quite often close to a Fibonacci sequence to reflect the uncertainty in estimating larger items and uses the sequence: 0, ½, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 20, 40, 100, a? (unsure) . the team member will pick up the estimated poker card and put on the desk. Make sure that estimated cards should NOT be visible to other team members those who have not done with their estimation. it may influence the estimation. once all member has done with estimation. take highest and lowest estimation and ask the team member to explain “Why you think so?”

Votes are taken again until a consensus has been reached and then the team passes to the next task on the list. planning poker is a simple and effective estimation for agile projects.